Student conferences are among the most effective strategies in our ministry and have impacted countless lives. At our FastBreaks held in the winter and Getaways held in the summer, we see students come to Christ, understand how to be filled with the Holy Spirit, be trained to share their faith, and even catch a vision of how God can use them at home and at school. And often, conferences build new momentum in a city’s ministry and create an atmosphere in which God works in new and unique ways. Students as well as volunteers make decisions at conferences that will affect them for a lifetime.

Each year, Cru hosts 8-12 FastBreaks at various locations around the country. These three-day winter conferences gather high school and middle school students involved in Cru movements in their respective regions or cities for a weekend filled with fun, training, and worship.

2014-15 FastBreaks Dates and Locations:



Denver Christmas Conference (DCC High)

December 28-31, 2014

The Denver Christmas Conference (DCC) has a high school component called the DCC High. Students from various high school movements of Cru in the area are invited to attend. The DCC is hosted by the Collegiate ministry of Cru in the Great Plains International…

North Carolina FastBreak/Cru Winter Conference

December 29-January 1,

The North Carolina FastBreak, also called the Cru Winter Conference, is hosted by the Cru Raleigh-Durham team of Cru's high school ministry.

The Cru Winter Conference is a four-day mission experience that gathers students from high schools…

Cru Atlanta at Southeast Winter Conference

January 1-4, 2015

Students from the Cru Atlanta teams of Cru's high school ministry are invited to attend the Southeast Winter Conference hosted by the Cru Campus Southeast Region.

The Southeast Winter Conference is dedicated to helping students connect to…

Dallas, Texas FastBreak

January 16-19, 2015

Cru Dallas Sky Ranch FastBreak 15

Sky Ranch, Van Texas
To register, send $50 made out to Cru Dallas along with all forms to:
3313 Ashington

Twin Cities/Upper Midwest FastBreak

February 13-16, 2015

Come with your friend and stay for three days of fun and leave with something eternal; a deeper relationship with God and practical steps to be God's blessing to those around you!


The Twin Cities FastBreak (located in the Upper…

Orlando Faster-Break

February 14-14, 2015

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. Hebrews 6:19


Please note: Your registration is not complete until a signed waiver from your parent or guardian (if you are under…

Boston Metro FastBreak

March 13-15, 2015

The Boston Metro FastBreak is hosted by the high school ministry of Cru in Boston.

You must fill out the appropriate age waiver AND the White Mountain Snow Camp waiver in order to attend.


 Cost: $190 early registration…


Cru’s Getaway is a six-day mission experience that gathers students from high schools around the country to have fun, forge new friendships, step out in faith, fuel a passion for Christ, and be trained to reach your campus. Spend the week growing in your walk with God, exploring biblical truths and learning how to talk to your friends about your faith.

:: Who Can Attend
This conference is open to all high school students and youth leaders, including graduating seniors and incoming ninth graders. Our Cru teams bring students and volunteers to these locations, and youth groups and individuals are invited to join us.


Rocky Mountain Getaway

June 13-18, 2015

The Rocky Mountain Getaway, sponsored by Cru's high school ministry, gathers students from the Western half of the country for a six-day summer conference held in breathtaking Estes Park, Colorado.

Dates of the 2015 Rocky Mountain Getaway…

What others say about Cru High School conferences

“Through conferences like the Getaway, Cru continues to teach students to climb the great mountain of faith, providing the tools, training, and encouragement to enable them to get to the summit.”
- Brad, former high school student from Texas

“My experience at Cru conferences has been one that I can hardly put into words. I attended the Getaway on multiple occasions. God used this to keep me on fire for Him and help me to gain consistency in my walk. It was through these trips that I received first hand experience in sharing my faith, and received the teaching that I needed to combat the vastly different message that the world is sending high school students these days.”
- Curt, former high school student from Texas

“There are two huge draws for the Getaway for me. One, the schedule allows me to train my leaders in the morning, hang and play with them in the afternoon, and encounter God in an incredible worship experience at night with gifted biblical speakers and worship leaders. Secondly, student ministry is highly relational and with Cru doing all the details like food, lodging, speakers, and scheduling, it frees our volunteers up to do what they were called to do – minister to teens. I don’t have to worry about the speakers, the program, the worship leaders, the power point, the food, the beds, and all the other headaches. It really frees us up to life walk with teens.”
- Grant, student pastor in Arkansas

“We really enjoyed it and look forward to using the conference again next year. I thought the speakers were great, the overall conference was run well, and the time and effort put into it was evident. My students really had a great time. I know on the day of outreach one of our incoming freshman out for his first time ever of witnessing was so excited he told me, ‘We gotta do this all the time!’ It was also encouraging for me to see some of our kids be honest and open about struggles and issues they have been facing alone and they brought them into the light to get help, prayer, and accountability for them. It was so good to see God answer prayer and work in the lives of students. As a youth pastor I would say that this conference is something every youth pastor can utilize to train their students in becoming true disciples of Jesus Christ. I highly recommend it!”
- Ryan, youth pastor in Minnesota

“I will always be grateful for the opportunities that our daughter had to attend the Getaway and FastBreak conferences. It helped bond students that attended closer together and gave a greater sense of accountability from things shared together. The speakers would always challenge her faith and got her focused for going back to her campus with a great desire to ‘live out her faith.’ Most importantly, it not only gave her tools to equip her to witness but during the conference the students actually went to different locations to share their faith. These experiences gave her more boldness and confidence with each conference.”
- Patty, parent in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma