Chris & Kim

It was during Sean’s freshman year that Cru changed both him and our entire family. During this time Sean accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. It was during Sean’s freshman year he went to their annual conference – the Myrtle Beach Getaway…

Randy & Cindy

Before our son started his junior year he was involved in a struggle, a battle of his faith. A phone call to the area Cru leader was a call that changed the course of our son’s life. The staff leader prayed with me, gave me advice, and suggested…


The presence of Cru at the ‘I CAN’ Center has encouraged our young people in many ways. I believe Cru will be a great asset to any other organization or school that needs positive and moral young men and women around their own young people.

Patrick & Jamie


The ministry of Cru is a tremendous partner for us in fulfilling our desire to pass on our legacy of faith in God to our kids. Through their small groups, one-to-one discipleship, training opportunities, and retreat weekends, our children can achieve…


We are living in some tough times because our children are in need of someone to listen, to talk to them and just be with them. Thank you, Cru, for what you are doing to help us be successful.


Being a part of Cru has changed my life for the better. I found a sense of self and life-long friends who I can count on in times of need.