As a volunteer with Cru, you will be helping build or start a spiritual movement among teenagers in your local community and it could be one of your most rewarding activities.

You may already be familiar with Cru’s high school ministry in your area and are ready to volunteer in the local ministry or at a Cru conference.

If you are a college or university student involved in Cru at your campus, talk with your local Cru/Campus Crusade leader about your desire to start a high school movement. Pray and make sure you are ready and available to take on the responsibility.

If you are not yet involved with Cru but have an interest in starting a new high school or middle school movement in your community, call the Cru Coaching Center to find out what is involved and to decide if it is the best way to launch a new Cru movement.

If you are unsure of next steps or have questions, please call the Cru Coaching Center at 1-877-Go-Campus (462-2678) to talk with one of our coaches.

When ready to apply, it is important to get started on the right foot.


How To Apply