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Imagine taking a year after high school graduation to explore who God has created you to be, grow in your relationship with the Lord and reach out to high school students in other cultures. Cru High School Global Missions Gap Year is sending high school graduates on a mission to 3 different continents over 9 months to serve and minister to high school students.


 Are you ready for a life changing experience?


WHAT  -  A Gap Year is a 9 month adventure that will transform your life, give you opportunities to trust God in greater ways and share the Gospel with high school students across the globe.  It will prepare you to enter college as you learn life skills and receive personal and spiritual development. 


WHO  –  You must be 18 years of age to participate in our Gap Year Program. Applicants must have a surrendered and teachable heart for the Lord. They should possess a heart open to serve others and to share the Gospel with those around them. It is important to be willing to submit to others and respect the differences of other cultures.                                                                 

WHEN  –  The high school ministry of Cru is sending the first Gap Year team in the Fall of 2018.  You will start in September with training and development in Orlando, travel to 2 other continents, and then back to Orlando for a short debrief at the end of May.


WHERE – Three continents in 9 months.  Orlando is your first stop for 2 month at Cru’s International Headquarters and local high schools. Next will be Ecuador to minister to high school students and then off to Uganda for an adventure of reaching out to students there.


WHY –  Gap Years have been proven to have a positive impact on academic performance in college. Research shows that students who participate in gap year programs often perform better in school, have a better sense of direction in their lives, and have higher employability than those who go directly to college after high school.