Is God calling you to Go Global … to reach high school students? Have you considered where in the world you could be sent to share the message of Jesus with young people? Consider going on a global mission this spring or summer with Cru!

Missions typically consist of 10-20 high school and college students, Cru staff members and other qualified adults, and national leaders from host countries.

Spring Mission Application Deadline: January 31.

Summer Mission Application Deadline: March 31.

Note: All locations, dates and prices are subject to change.


Spring 2018

Ecuador :: Quito

March 23-31, 2018
Quito Ecuador

This mission provides a great opportunity to befriend Ecuadorian high school students and communicate God’s love with them. While you are in Quito, you will speak in school assemblies and classrooms to get to know the students. In the evenings you…

Puerto Rico :: Mayaguez

March 29-April 8, 2018

Puerto Rico is an island of 3.7 million people in the Caribbean. Though it is only a short flight from the USA, Puerto Rico has a unique cultural environment due to the Latino roots of its people. It is our desire to begin a spiritual movement among…

Czech Republic :: Prague

March 30-April 8, 2018
Prauge 3

Join us in  one of the most beautiful, yet one of the most atheistic countries in the world.  The Czech Republic, a land of 10.5 million people, is one of the least reached places in the world with less than 0.5 percent of the population considered…

Portugal :: Porto

April 6-22, 2018
Portugal 1

Help Aventura (Cru's high school ministry in Portugal) accelerate their cultural exchange program called CONNEXXION – connecting Portuguese high school students and students from other countries. As you meet students in some of Porto’s top high…

Summer 2018

East Asia

East Asia

This country in East Asia, with 150 million teenagers, has almost no youth ministry. After several days of touring and seeing one of the wonders of the world, you will be a part of teaching Conversational English and developing deep relationships…

Slovakia :: SpeakOut Camp

June 23-August 1, 2018
Slovakia speak out picture

Speak Out 2017 is a series of two week long English language camps for Slovak students who want to improve their English skills.  Speak Out gives you four weeks to step out in faith, grow in your understanding of the Bible and make an eternal mark…

Hungary :: SpeakOut Camp

June 28-August 1, 2018
Speak Out 1

SpeakOut gives you five weeks to step out in faith, grow in your understanding of the Word and make an eternal mark in Hungary! This mission centers on conversational English camps. Your in-country team consists of American and Hungarian Christian…

Tanzania :: Arusha

June 28-July 27, 2018
Tanzania 2.1

Would you like to be part of extending the student-led movement in Tanzania to include high school students? This team will partner with local Cru staff teams who have a vision to reach high school students and are building a new movement. This mission…