Is God calling you to Go Global … to reach high school students? Invest your spring break for eternity! Join us on a Cru High School Global Missions Spring Project!

Spring Project Applications Deadline: January 25

Spring Projects typically consist of 10-20 high school and college students, Cru High School staff members and other qualified adults along with national leaders from host countries.

(We also have  Global Mission Summer Projects.)

Note: All locations, dates and prices are subject to change.

2014 Spring Projects

Spain :: Malaga and Granada

March 6-16, 2014

This is a renewed partnership between Spain and Cru High School Global Missions. As a member of this team, you will visit students in the beautiful cities of Malaga and Granada. During the day the team speaks in classrooms developing friendships with…

Hungary :: Budapest

March 7-16, 2014

Cru High School Global Missions teams have served in Hungary for over 25 years! These projects helped start a spiritual movement among teenagers in Budapest, which has spread all over Hungary and around Eastern Europe. Hungary values education and…

Portugal :: Porto

March 13-23, 2014

Help Aventura (Cru High School in Portugal) accelerate their cultural exchange program called CONNEXXION – connecting Portuguese high school students and students from other countries. As you meet students in some of Porto’s top high schools and…

Ecuador :: Quito

March 21-30, 2014

This mission provides a great opportunity to befriend Ecuadorian high school students and communicate God’s love with them. While you are in Quito, you will speak in school assemblies and classrooms to get to know the students. In the evenings you…

Russia :: Moscow

March 22-30, 2014

In this East European country, you will host an English Camp to share with Russian high school students about preparing for the future. The camp is a bridge that allows you to share your personal faith in Christ. You will have fun connecting with…

Macedonia :: Skopje

April 3-12, 2014

Do you want to be a pioneer on a partnership between Cru High School and Macedonia to help start a ministry to reach high school students in Skopje? After speaking in classrooms during the day to develop friendships with high school students, in the…