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50 years of ministry + thousands of staff + thousands of ministry partners +...

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Our students’ favorite part of our weekly meeting is when students share their personal testimony. They love hearing people talking about their life, and just being real. If we could do it...

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Just as college courses often start at the 100 level, Cru's High School Ministry 101 was designed to help lay a firm foundation for your work with high school students. It is essential to have...

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Thrive Studies are the new solution for small group materials for high school and middle school students. We have 4 follow-up studies ready to go and 12 more coming out this Fall. We are...

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Watch how others have had an impact in the lives of teenagers. U CAN 2 ...

How to START a Ministry at Your School

Here's a step-by-step guide to START a ministry at your local high school or...

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We know that with the beginning of the year that there are new small groups forming. Watch as Kevin shares the importance of small groups and the purpose behind them. After you listen, follow...