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Surveys are an easy way to start conversations. As you know, this generation is increasingly more visual, and are exposed to a lot of different icons on their smart devices. Therefore we have...

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Have you ever thought about whether there is a plan to everything, a purpose to all of this, a reason for life?

(Listen to their response)

God does have a plan for your life, a...

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Have you ever lost something very important to you?

Tell us about a time you lost something valuable, and what you had to do to find it? When you lose something valuable, it hurts, doesn't it?...

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Players on a Texas football team respond to the gospel.


The aroma, a pungent combination of body odor and pepperoni pizza, hung thick in the Texas air as 85 freshman boys squeezed their bodies,...

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Fall is here. It is hard to believe that school has started or soon will.  Many of you already have plans in place, but here are a few helpful tips as you head into the new school...

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Name Phone #                      Grade

1. How would you describe your school in three words?

2. What is your school's greatest need?

3. How is your school helping you grow as a...

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1. What is this school most known for academically and athletically?

2. What groups or communities seem to have the most influence on campus and why? (top 3)

3. Where do groups hang out on...