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The Christmas season make this a very special time to talk about the Lord. Therefore, we have put together a few simple Christmas outreach ideas that may be of some help to you.

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas – Act out the popular Charlie Brown Christmas TV show. Assign roles for each of the main characters. The featured part of the show is when Linus reads the Christmas story.
  • Karaoke Christmas – Rent a karaoke system and sing Christmas songs. Encourage teams of students to come together prepared to sing a special song or two. Have the audience vote on the top two groups and have a “sing-off” for the champion of the night. Get pizzas donated for the evening. Have everyone sing several songs together.
  • Formal Christmas Dinner – Hold this formal dinner in a community center, apartment clubhouse or church fellowship hall. Decorate the room nicely for Christmas and use tablecloths and fine china. Have some of the moms in the community cook, and have some of the student leaders act as waiters and waitresses. Ask a student or two to share their testimonies and have another student share the Gospel. You can invite special groups to the evening or make it an open invitation.
  • Grinch Party – Show the old version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Prepare a “Grinch trivia” contest before the video and give out prizes for the winners. Have someone do a talk on the real meaning of Christmas after the video (the movie does touch on the fact that there is more to Christmas than just “getting stuff”).
  • White Elephant Christmas – Invite students to come to the party with a crazy “white elephant” gift. To keep things in some sort of order, you could have a theme for the evening that the gifts should be in line with. After gifts are exchanged, have someone read the Christmas story out of Luke chapter two, and talk about the greatest gift ever given.
  • Baking Party – this can be done for just girls or with guys. Gather students to bake cookies to give out as special gifts to students at school or for neighbors (Secret Santa kind of stuff). Gather students around you at one point in the baking and try this: Instead of putting the ingredients together for a cookie, just place ingredients by themselves on the baking sheet. Cook them separately for the same amount of time as the cookies. Explain to the students that a cookie can’t be a cookie without the cook (God puts us together).
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