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Outline (Flow of Meeting)

  • Welcome – Greeters at door, give out nametags, have snacks and punch or soft drinks as people come in and Christmas music in the background
  • Icebreaker Activity
  • Emcee – opens up the meeting, welcomes guests and explains more about the group which is sponsoring the event.
  • Game
  • Testimony
  • Special Christmas Song (optional)
  • Gospel Presentation
  • Comment Cards
  • Wrap up – by emcee, more music, fun and fellowship
  • Caroling (optional)

Ice Breaker Activities

  • Guess the Christmas Character

    Write names of Christmas characters (i.e. Kris Kringle, The Grinch, Wise Man, etc.) on masking tape and put them on people’s backs when they come in. They are to ask only yes or no questions to others at the party in order to figure out who they are. They are only allowed to ask one question each person at the party (this causes them to have to mingle and meet others). Goal is to figure out who you are.
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange

    Everyone brings a “gift” which is really an item you find in your home or garage that you don’t want and that you wrap up as a gift. You put all the gifts in a pile then people line up. The first person picks a gift and opens it, the next person can either take the first person’s gift or pick a new one. This continues on down the line until you reach the last person who has the choice of all the gifts or the last gift. Key: Everyone must bring a gift so you might want to have some extra wrapped gifts on hand in case someone forgets to bring their gift.
  • Christmas Tree Decorating

    Everyone is asked to bring an ornament and decorate the Christmas Tree.


  • Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest

    Have baked cookies available with stuff to decorate them and then judge who has the “Most Christmassy,” “Most Unique,” etc.
  • Human Christmas Tree

    Have competitions between classes where each group is given a bag that contains Christmas Tree decorations (lights, ornaments, etc.). Each team chooses one person in the group to be the tree and everyone else decorates him. After 10 minutes a judge or the crowd decides who has the most creative/best “Christmas tree.”

Gospel Presentation Ideas