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Each spring we like to help you think through some of the things that need your attention before the closing of the school year.

Finishing Strong

Is there an affinity group or some students you want to talk to before the end of the year? This might be seniors, athletic teams or groups of influential students.

Transition leadership – Enable seniors to finish strong and allow next year’s leaders to step up and lead. Let seniors brainstorm with next year’s leaders.

Celebrate! – Every faith-filled endeavor needs to be celebrated. Whether it is an end of the year party or an honors banquet, celebrate!

Do the next thing – Announce your plans for summer as well as fall kickoff information. Your biggest fans want to know what’s going on.

Summer Arrangements

Summer has a different feel, but consider how students can continue to grow. (See “Training Student to have a Great Commission Mindset” and “Summer Ministry Ideas.”)

Grace – Students get out of routine in the summer. This leads to poor habits that derail young faith. Arrange for students to connect, encourage, and hold others accountable.

Truth -“Thy Word is truth.” How can you help students flourish rather than get trapped in sin? Help students log time in God’s Word. If meeting face to face is difficult, do it virtually through a Facebook message board, Skype calls, texting, etc.

Time – Growth happens over time. Pray for students to spend time with God. Recruit and prepare students to join you in evangelism and discipleship events such as camps, retreats and conferences. Time away with them is invaluable.

Fall Planning

How can you get ready for the fall now?

Leadership Team – Put a leadership team in place by identifying, challenging and making necessary arrangements for new leaders.

Kick-off event – Plan a leadership connection retreat, freshman or new student orientation, or a campus-wide event. These all require planning and prep so make the arrangements while school is in session.

There is still plenty of time for significant ministry to take place this spring so go for it! There is also a need to look ahead and set yourself up for a fruitful summer and an exciting fall. Work through the checklist and trust God as He leads you.


P.S. – Remember Cru offers great student conferences in June!

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Author Information

Scott Livermore

Scott has served with Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ for over 25 years in youth ministry.