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School Within a School

What is Cru? Is it a club, an organization, a church, a group, a team or an outdoor backpacking company? Cru is a group of people who are learning about how God relates to their lives. Cru exists to help people know how to begin a personal relationship with God and to grow in that relationship. Cru can best be explained by comparing it to having a school within a school. That is, Cru offers spiritual development within the context of the public (or private) school which offers educational and physical training.

The explanation is also an excellent tool for leading into the gospel. It is appropriate to use on individual appointments with new students or those wanting to know more about Cru. Also, it may be modified to present to a group of people being introduced to the ministry.

Following is the explanation to use when describing Cru as a “School Within a School.” Also included is a page with the text and diagram to use or reproduce as needed.


Every student is looking for fulfillment. To find it, a balance needs to be established in the three major areas:

Mental Physical Spiritual
  1. Mental: The school helps you to develop mentally – through teachers, classes, homework and some extracurricular activities.
  2. Physical: School also helps you develop physically – with coaches, through P.E. classes, sports and other activities.
  3. Spiritual: The school isn’t designed to help you spiritually. That’s where Cru comes in. We are designed to help you and other students help each other in the spiritual area.

To develop spiritually, an individual needs to understand and apply two things:

  1. How to have a relationship with the person who made him or her, by knowing Jesus Christ.
  2. How to develop that relationship with Christ, resulting in a lifestyle that is pleasing to God.

Has anyone ever explained to you how to begin a personal relationship with God? [ ] yes [ ] no If no, may I explain that right now? (Go through The Four Spiritual Laws or Connecting With God booklet.) If yes, would you share about how you became a Christian? (Share the gospel if in doubt.)

Cru offers a variety of activities to help students grow in their relationship with God, wherever they are in that relationship:

School within a School


  1. Cru Meetings are to “Come and See” what a relationship with God is about. Students active in Cru help lead the meetings. It is a fun atmosphere, and through talks you will hear how God relates to you.
  2. Interactive Bible Studies help you “Come and Learn” about the basics of your faith. They provide training to help you grow and apply your faith with friends, school, sports, and family. Another benefit is that you are with a group of students you will most likely know.
  3. Getaways & FastBreaks (and Retreats) give further instruction in how to help your friends develop a relationship with God and impact your campus for Christ! At these conferences, you will be given opportunities to “Come and Do” to put your faith in action. They are fun and you can build deep friendships with students from your school and other places.
  4. Cru Leadership Groups take action! They help you learn more about God, and how to influence your school for Christ. These students “Come and Lead” by giving leadership to Cru meetings, events, and leading Bible studies of their own.

As you look at these four areas, which of these sounds most interesting to you? (Give the appropriate information, and follow-up on their interest.)

Student Handout – Download Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader ®