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New_master_school_with_a_school_cru_webAs a local leader of Cru’s high school and middle school ministry, you will meet people in many different circumstances who want information about our organization. The following explanations are ways to describe Cru in several of these situations.

To Anyone:

“Cru is the high school and middle school ministry of Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ. Thousands of high school students and over 500 full-time staff and volunteers are involved with Cru’s high school ministry throughout the United States.”

This is a general definition, but many people will want to know what you actually do with students. Your response to that question will depend on who is asking.

To School Administrators:

“Cru is an international high school organization. We serve as a spiritual resource for students and families in our community. We believe that people are three-dimensional. We all have a physical dimension, a mental or psychological dimension, and a spiritual dimension. We are able to help students develop in these areas as they participate in Cru meetings, leadership training opportunities, and individual consultation.”

explaining Cru to othersTo Parents/Adults:

“Cru is an interdenominational Christian organization that helps students apply their faith to everyday life. We help them learn how to build positive relationships with family and friends. We also provide Cru meetings, small group Bible studies, and conferences that can help them grow in their faith and help their friends as well.”

More on how to explain Cru to a Parent/Adult

school_within_schoolTo Students:

“Cru is a movement of high school students that helps them develop in the spiritual area of their lives. We offer Cru meetings, small group Bible studies, conferences, and overseas projects.”

Using the above definitions and terminology has proven most effective when communicating with particular audiences.

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