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Surveys are an easy way to start conversations. As you know, this generation is increasingly more visual, and are exposed to a lot of different icons on their smart devices. Therefore we have created a icon/image survey to help you start conversations with this generation. Our prayer is that this tool will lead you into spiritual conversations with others.


 Download Survey

 Questions for the icon/image survey

  1. Which symbols do you like?  Why?
  2. Choose 3 symbols that describe you (life, experiences, etc).
  3. What 3 symbols would you like to be part of your life in the future?
  4. If you were to create a new symbol that describes your god what would it look like?
  5. Can I explain to you how you could know God in a personal way?


We recommend you use a Gospel tract (Ex. Connecting with God) to continue the spiritual conversation.

For advance survey users, you can also use the card to explain to someone how to take their next spiritual step, Know, Grow, or Go.


Know God – Helping someone know God Personally 



Grow with God – Helping others understand and grow in their relationship with Jesus



Go with God – Help others know their part in The Great Commission

Download PDF Resource