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  1. How do you celebrate the Fourth of July?
    • __ Picnic/Bar-B-Q
    • __ Fireworks
    • __ Party
    • __ Time with family or friends
    • __ Vacation
    • __ Water sports
  2. Could you summarize (in one sentence) the historical significance of July Fourth ? (Answer: On the Fourth of July, we celebrate the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed by all the Founding Fathers, establishing America as a free country.)
  3. In your opinion, to what extent do young people in America appreciate the freedom we have in our country?
  4. Freedom is one of the greatest benefits of being an American. Why do so many people want to have freedom?
  5. Jesus Christ claimed that He came to bring us freedom from things like anger, depression, guilt, and sin. He wants to experience freedom because He loves us. Would you like to hear how you could know kind of freedom through a personal relationship with God? [ ] Yes [ ] No

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