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As you step out in faith to bring the good news of Jesus to students in your community, you will see the Lord work in mighty ways, bringing people to Himself.  As you reach out to teens, it will be important for you to be wise in how you relate to them.  The way you interact with community members and the local school will also be important.  The following articles will help you learn more of the “art” or relating in to these people and in these environments so you will be most effective in ministry.  Remember to keep in mind realities like these:

  • Students are not your peers, so it is important to relate to them more like a big brother or sister, or better yet, as a teacher or coach.
  • Parents and faculty members are your peers, so relating to them as adults is critical.  This will build trust with them.
  • The school has specific guidelines that you must follow since you aren’t on staff at the school.

It might feel confusing to you as to how to approach the school campus or even how to relate to teens in an adult-like way and still be a friend to them. The following two articles will help to answer many of your questions, to put you at ease as you set off on the adventure of bringing the message of Jesus to students in their everyday world.