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Each year, it can seem like Spring Break triggers the end of ministry for this school year. However, there is still time left to impact your school for Christ.  Now is the time to think through what the rest of the school year will look like and put in place your plans for the summer. Here are some ways to end the year strong.

Out with the Old! Each year students walk across the stage to pick up their diploma and then essentially disappear from your view. Before your seniors say their last good-byes to the school, throw them a party. One idea is to plan a Baccalaureate Service for the Community. Another is to create a Senior Banquet Outreach. Both of these events have been used in a variety of communities and have allowed hundreds of graduating seniors to hear the gospel before they leave school.

In with the New! If we could provide you with a list of names and phone numbers of incoming freshmen who have an interest in your youth ministry, would you be interested? We can do just that by offering you a resource we call the Future Freshman Spectacular. This outreach event moves your focus from the high school to the middle school and all the details are laid out for you as you plan and pull off this high energy outreach to middle school students. Bring some of your high school students to share about their own experiences when they entered high school and how they came to Christ. End the program by giving the Future Freshman a chance to respond to the gospel.

Planning for the summer Summer is right around the corner. What will you do this summer to encourage your students to walk with God, impact their friends in the gospel and grow in their faith? We have some great ideas that can assist you in your planning. Here are some Summer Ministry Ideas to help you think through how you might use this summer to extend the ministry you have enjoyed all school year!

While you invest in your students with these suggested ideas, make sure you take some time to feed your own soul this summer. Though it might seem you are ramping up when everyone is trying to ramp down, these events may be just what the doctor ordered!

Scott Livermore

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Scott Livermore