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In my early years on staff, we had a high energy weekly meeting for students. There were about 50 kids there each week and we would share the gospel and often have a student give a three-minute testimony. One week we took time to evaluate what we were really doing.

The time and energy it took for the three of us to entertain these 50 students could be better spent elsewhere.  We wanted to have fun and sing and do goofy things with the students, but more than anything else we wanted to help these non-Christian students understand their need for a Savior (in a fun and relevant environment). We wanted believers to see that Christ’s commandment for them was to make disciples and that happens as you depend on Him and walk by faith. We changed our approach a bit and spent more time with students and a little less time creating a major theatrical presentation.

As you put your plan together to impact your students and their school for Christ, think through what you are trying to produce as an end product. In other words, where do you want these students to go in their walk with God? What do you want an involved convert to Christ to look like after they have been with you for three or four years? Remember that you want to introduce those things to them as soon as you can, because whatever it is that gets them in the door is what it will take to keep them involved!

Take advantage of the momentum that builds during the first 6-10 weeks of the school year by talking with your students and explaining to them the realities of a Christ-less eternity. Have them picture what it would be like for people they hang out with who are without a Savior.

After they ponder the dark reality that every student at their school will either spend eternity with Christ or separated from Him forever, tell them how they can begin to pray for their friends’ eternal destination.

There are some resources on our website that can assist you in your call to disciple students in prayer and teach them how to share Jesus with others (2 Timothy 2:2).

It is our prayer that you empower your students to join with you in impacting your school (their world) for Christ. We desire to help resource you to that end. We would be happy to have one of our coaches assist you in your ministry to students.


  1. Most Wanted List This tool is a call to prayer. It is a challenge to pray for five friends to come to Christ as well as being willing to help introduce them to the Savior.
  2. Most Wanted Prayer Card It is a sample card that gives a biblical perspective and a prayer to pray for five of their friends to come to Christ.
  3. How to Share your Faith This article walks through some of the ins and outs of sharing your faith. This is a great companion article to the tool we recommend: the Connecting with God booklet.
  4. Connecting with God Presentation This student friendly version of the gospel has been turned into a flash presentation for learning how to use the tool. There are questions to ask the student with whom you are sharing your faith and helpful insights to you the one sharing.

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Scott Livermore