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Fall is here. It is hard to believe that school has started or soon will.  Many of you already have plans in place, but here are a few helpful tips as you head into the new school year.

  1. Define the purpose for your group. Write a purpose statement.
  2. Make prayer a priority.
  3. Help students make See you at the Pole (SYATP) a success.
  4. Be sure that you have a workable plan for your year.

Write a Purpose Statement

We have found it helps if the students can personalize their vision through reviewing a short purpose statement each week.   Here are some examples:

  • We exist at ____ High School to know God and make Him known.
  • We are about bringing hope to our school by helping others know and grow with God.

  Defining a good purpose statement and saying it each week will help shape your group into an effective ministry. It will also encourage them to begin praying for their friends and motivate them to learn how to communicate their faith. If you need more information, you can ask a coach. Call us at 1-877-GoCampus

Prayer Priority

Here are some ways you can make prayer a priority at your school.

  • Become part of a Prayer Triplet (3 students praying together).
  • Do a prayer walk around your school.
  • Make a Most Wanted list to help you pray for the lost.
  • Try “yearbook praying” where you pray through your school’s annual.
  • Design a plan to pray locker to locker for every person in your school.
  • Go room to room asking God to work in the lives of students and teachers in every room in your school.
  • Take prayer requests, asking people at school how you can pray for them.

  For more tips on prayer, read Mobilizing Students to Pray.

 See You at the Pole resources

Here are several helpful tips for SYATP. Check out more at: Plan Now for “See You at the Pole”

  • Pass around an Attendance Sheet to help identify new students. Follow up with these students by challenging them to be involved with your Movement. Some students could be challenged to be Student Prayer Leaders on campus. For more info on starting an ongoing prayer movement, see Mobilizing Students to Pray.
  • Pass out a flyer announcing the date of your next prayer meeting or youth function meeting on campus.
  • Begin Prayer Triplets after SYATP – 3 friends… Meet 3 times a week to pray…For 3 friends who need Christ.
  • Free Speech Rights on Public School Campuses by – American Center for Law and Justice

Make your Plan

Here are a few questions from our Planning Worksheet that might help as you start the year.

Your Personal Team

  • Who are the key Christian people who will encourage and join you in helping reach others?
  • Are there people that could help you discover who the key people are?
    • Teachers, Coaches and Administrators
    • Parents, Business Owners and other Community Leaders
    • College and High School students

Decode the Campus, scout out your school

Become an expert on your school by going through the most recent yearbook with a couple of key Christian students and/or find a Christian teacher/coach to answer the following:

  • Which students and groups appear often on the pages? Why?
  • What groups are the most influential on campus? Who are student leaders in the group?

Start Meeting Students

Get a school calendar and go to a few school activities. Take time and get to know the Christian students, teachers and coaches. Learn how to effectively Explain Your Ministry to Students and Adults.

  • Make a list of Christians you want to meet.
  • Which groups would you like to reach out to?

PS Is your school adopted? Check to see and Add Your Name/Group to Your School.

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