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If you want to reach the campus, here are the rules:

  1. Love students with an unconditional (agape) love. God created every ONE special.
  2. Take the initiative in evangelism, sharing Christ with students. You never know if you’ll have another opportunity.
  3. Make it your goal to help reach out to every student on your campus. Every student matters!
  4. Give every Christian a chance to be discipled. Growing Christians make a difference.
  5. Teach the ministry of the Holy Spirit and how to walk in His power. That’s the way to make it happen “24/7.”
  6. Help teenagers reach other teenagers. The best person to reach a student is another student.
  7. Get involved in your local church. Logs pulled away from the fire quickly lose their flame.
  8. Work with other Christian groups at your school. A lot of hands make the work lighter – and more fun.