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If you were bringing the news of Christ to a foreign mission field, you would want to learn the unique needs and ways of life of the people there. This is also important when reaching the unique culture of teenagers at a high school campus.

Start by asking some questions:

  • Who makes a difference at the school, good or bad?
  • What are the issues at the school ? the latest big drama?
  • What needs or concerns are most on the minds of students?

Then do some research:

Become an expert on your school by going through the most recent yearbook with a couple of key Christian students. And/or find a Christian teacher/coach to answer the following:

  • Who are the most popular teachers and coaches? Why?
  • Which teaches or coaches do you know that are Christian? Any Christian groups on campus?
  • Which students and groups appear often on the pages? Why?
  • What groups are the most influential on campus? Who are student leaders in the group?
  • Which groups socialize together? Which groups don?t?
  • Who are the most popular students? Which of these students are Christians?

Also check out the following resources: