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“While they were worshipping … the Holy Spirit said, ‘Set apart for me for the work to which I have called them.'” – Acts 13:2 (NIV) Campus Alliance is calling local Christian churches across our country to pray for all their students, educators, and schools. You can join thousands of local churches across America as you:

  • Challenge your church family to stand with students as they begin their school year
  • Dedicate your service to the mission of reaching Every Student, Every School, and Every Community
  • Commission your Students and Educators as Campus Missionaries
  • Design a service around the movement of prayer and evangelism on school campuses
  • Invite every Christian to Adopt A School for Christ through prayer and action.

Campus Alliance Sunday is the Sunday just before See You at the Pole. By dedicating a public service to the monumental task of reaching every teenager with the gospel, churches will align themselves with the unprecedented partnering taking place today among students, youth workers, churches and youth organizations, both nationally and locally. The Campus Alliance objective – to see a ministry of evangelism and discipleship established to every middle, junior high and high school in America – can only be accomplished together.

Plan Now for See You at the Pole

Every Church in Every Community

Campus Alliance Service looks different in every church in every community. In planning a Campus Alliance Service, you might consider:

  • Using a The Alliance video segment on a large screen and with quality sound to capture the passion and emotion of students in ministry and life on campus.
  • Interviewing students and youth leaders, pointing out the needs of students in the church and especially the real life issues teenagers face without Christ.
  • Casting a vision for reaching every student in the community. Para-church youth leaders can partner with the local church in illustrating the need for the entire body of Christ to work together.
  • Inviting a teacher or coach to give real life examples of the lives of students without Christ, or their impact as a Christian example on the school campus.
  • Taking pictures and displaying them in the weeks to come.
  • Asking students to give a testimony about what God is doing at their school.

Then, at an appropriate point in the service …

  • Invite all middle, junior high and high school students to stand up or come to the front of the congregation.
  • Ask a church leader to offer a prayer of dedication, spiritual protection and intercession as the school year begins.
  • Explain the Campus Alliance covenant and let the church know how many students have signed it. (Put the Covenant on a screen.)
  • Show the church how the students will pray in Prayer Triplets. You might want to demonstrate this to the congregation.
  • Give the congregation an opportunity to sign up to pray for a student
  • Spread the students around the congregation in their groups of 3 and ask adults in the congregation to gather around them to pray for them.

Educators as Insiders on the Campus

Congregations may include a time of affirmation and a prayer of dedication for educators, coaches and other school personnel. Often “hands of blessing” are laid on teachers, affirming the significant role Christian educators play. They minister daily as insiders on the public and private campuses in the community. Campus Alliance has created a “Church Tool Kit” to assist you in planning your Challenge Service. The Sunday Church Tool Kit includes:

  • Campus Alliance Sunday Compilation Video with nine segments to choose from, including two from See You at the Pole
  • Campus Alliance Church Service Preparation Guide. This 8-page booklet walks you through practical helps, a sample sermon and field-tested commissioning services to choose from.
  • A reproducible Bulletin Insert to help you tell the story.
  • Campus Alliance Prayer Strategy Overview
  • 1x1x56k – The Starter Kit for Campus Ministry
  • Sample Witnessing Booklets
  • Many other resources and programming ideas

Only $14.95 plus Shipping and Handling. Call 1.888.ALLIANCE to order your church tool kit.