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  1. What are some of the traditions usually associated with St. Patrick’s Day?
    • __ Wearing green
    • __ Finding a four-leaf clover
    • __ Pinching people not wearing green
    • __ Painting yourself green
    • __ Drinking green beer
    • __ All the above
  2. Which of the above traditions (if any) do you plan to participate in this year?
  3. Who was St. Patrick?
    • __ an Irishman persecuted for his Christian Faith
    • __ a man associated with driving out snakes from Ireland
    • __ a Notra-Dame graduate
    • __ a made up legend
  4. St. Patrick felt that his personal faith in God was worth the severe treatment he received. Do you have any personal values for which you feel are worth facing suffering? __ yes __ no; If yes, what are they?
  5. St. Patrick is often associated with the “Luck of the Irish.” When it comes to where you will spend eternity, would you rather depend on luck or be sure? __ luck __ be sure
  6. Could I take a few minutes now to explain how you can be sure you will go to heaven? __ yes __ no

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