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Importance of Conferences

“Students are just so busy!” Have you ever thought or said that before? You’re not alone!  Students have so many options and focusing on their relationship with God and the spiritual condition of their friends can get lost in the midst of all of them.  Here are two other statements that have been made by leaders who have a pretty good solution to refocusing students on the prize:

  • “Spending a week with our students attending one of our conferences is as powerful as spending a whole semester with them in discipleship.”
  • “Conferences are to ministry what practices are to athletes.”

The two big reasons why we value sending our students to the two Cru High School training conferences are the discipleship time they have with you and other movement students from your part of the country and practical ministry skills they will receive and then practice.  It literally is like a whole semester of small group and Bible Study crammed into one week (Fastbreak is a long weekend).  They hear from students who are sharing their faith and are leading discipleship groups.  They attend in participate in student lead prayer sessions.  They rub shoulders with other lots of leaders and sit under the teaching of solid Bible teachers.  And each night they meet with their leader to process all that has gone on that day.

The other uniquely critical aspect of our conferences is they get a chance to put legs to their faith – the last full afternoon of every Cru High School conference has the students out talking to people who might not know Christ in hopes of an opportunity to share Christ with them.  Students who have never shared their faith before are paired up with someone who has and are encouraged to listen and pray as they first go out and contribute more to the conversation as they wish.  At the end of the day they are right in the middle of the conversation exciting about communicating the hope that is in them!

Help your students set aside some time to invest in their relationship with God!  Help them gain valuable skills that they will practice at the conference that will prepare them for “the game” – life and ministry back at school!  Let them see and meet students from other cities who are standing as a light for the gospel of Christ at their school!  Cram a semester worth of discipleship into an action-packed week at a Student Venture student training conference (Winter – Fastbreak, Summer – Getaway).

Check out the conferences in your area at: http://www.cruhighschool.com/conferences