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Satisfied bookletThe Purpose of the booklet

  • To help the self-centered believer stuck in a self-pleasing lifestyle turn back to Christ.
  • To help those involved in all the right activities discover new levels of intimacy with God, bringing forth the inner fruit of his work in their life.
  • To help the new believer grow in their relationship with Christ.

The Importance of the Message

Deep within, every believer desires to experience more (Psalm 42:1,2; 63:1). However, though every believer has an inner thirst, not every believer knows what God has pro- vided to satisfy that thirst. If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” (John 7:37,38)

How to Begin

Ask permission by saying, “May I show you this outline that explains how we can experience intimacy with God and en- joy all that he has for us?” How would you adapt your introduction for a self-centered believer? A struggling believer? A new believer?

Tips for using the “Satisfied?” Booklet

  • Read through the booklet together. Involve them in the conversation. There are 13 questions in the booklet.
  • Explain each diagram.

Questions and Illustrations

Page 4Page 4

To not understand the Divine Gift is like the ingratitude of neglecting a precious gift from a loved one.

Page 5Page 5

If you do not know, ask, “When did you first place your faith in Christ?” Also ask, “So then, when did you first receive the gift of the Holy Spirit?” (The answer is when they first trusted Christ as their Savior.) If there is confusion, you may turn back to John 7:37-39. The Spirit was promised to all who believe.

Page 6Page 6

The Present Danger is like driving in the ditch on either side of the road (self effort as one ditch and self-pleasing as the other). You will struggle to continue to drive and you won’t travel as far if you are driving in either ditch.

Page 7Page 7

Ask, “What do you think the ‘?’ mark represents?” Ask, “How does a believer move from a Christ-Centered lifestyle to a self-centered lifestyle?” (Refer back to page 6.) Ask, “Where would you put yourself in this diagram? Why?”

Page 8Page 8

The Intimate Journey is like dancing. The dance is most enjoyable when the goal is simply being together while keeping in step with the leading partner. This is like responding to the Spirit in every situation in life.

Page 9Page 9

Ask, “How does one return to a truly Christ-centered life?” (Through faith or dependence on Christ.) Notice that one both begins the Christian life and continues to live the Christian life by faith. Faith is the key.

Page 10 & 11Page 10 & 11

A life without The Empowering Presence is like a car without gas. It has all the right equipment, but it won’t go anywhere. Ask them the three important questions on page 10&11. If they answer yes to each, continue on. If they hesitate, are unsure or answer no to one or more of them:

  1. Explore what is hindering their readiness. It may tie to a misconception about God’s love and forgiveness, a misunderstanding about the Christian life, or some other issue.
  2. Show them the rest of page 11&12, so that they will have a clear understanding of what they can do, if, in the future they do become ready.