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Have you ever lost something very important to you?

Tell us about a time you lost something valuable, and what you had to do to find it? When you lose something valuable, it hurts, doesn’t it? You don’t stop looking for it until you find it. God our Father has a special interest in lost things also. Check out the following stories in Luke chapter 15 and see if you can figure out what God is showing us about His concern for lost possessions.

  • The Lost Sheep – Luke 15:4-7
  • The Lost Coin – Luke 15:8-10
  • The Lost Son – Luke 15:9-24

What do these three stories have in common? How did the woman, the shepherd, and the father feel about the valued possession they had lost? How hard and long did they look? What kind of emotion did they feel after what they lost was found? In the three stories, who does the woman, the shepherd, or the father represent? What do you think the lost thing represents?

A bit later in the book of Luke, Jesus brings up the theme of lost possessions again when he says in Luke 19:10, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” The Living Bible (TLB) Jesus is talking about lost people. Who are lost people? How would you describe them?

From what you have read in the three stories in Luke 15 and Jesus’ words in Luke 19, how would you describe God’s heart for the lost? (For a bit more insight look at 1 Timothy 2:3-4 and 2 Peter 3:9) What is God saying to you about lost people? Are there some lost people at your school you are especially concerned about? Who?

A student at your school who is spiritually lost may not look any different than you or your Christian friends. In fact, they may even feel the same way that you do about many things, and face some of the same problems. The difference is that they are spiritually dead, they do not have Christ living within them to guide and comfort them, and they are facing eternal separation from God. Jesus Christ deeply cares about your lost friends. They are on His “Most Wanted” list and He wants you to be the one who helps bring them home to Him.

What is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you? You were lost and now you know Jesus Christ personally. What is the greatest thing you could ever do for someone else? You can help bring them to Jesus Christ.

Who are your “Most Wanted”?

Ask God to bring to mind the faces and names of those you want to pray for, asking that they would come to Christ. List their names one by one.

Most Wanted Prayer Card