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Watermelon Gospel

Here is a simple outreach to football players! During the summer 2-a-day practices, get approval from the coach to drive a pickup truck in with watermelons. Have the coach bring the team around the truck. Cut open a watermelon.

Explain the five colors found in a watermelon. Each of the colors represents some part of the watermelon (yellow is found on the outside of melon, black seeds, red the watermelon center, green also on outside and white- the rind or small seeds). After you have explained the colors of the watermelon explain the colors of the gospel (see below). Continue on by explaining God?s plan to rescue us. After you have explained the colors and the need for Christ, provide an opportunity for those in the audience to respond to Christ through prayer. Complete the event with having the attendees fill out a Comment Card and enjoy the watermelon!

For those of you who need a refresher for what the colors stand for:

  • Yellow or Gold: Is a reminder of the streets in heaven, paved with gold:
  • Black: Is a reminder of our sin.
  • Red: Jesus? blood, which was sacrificed for us.
  • White: Reminds us of a clean heart.
  • Green: Things that grow.