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 Comment cards are so important because they help you follow-up interested students or those who have made decisions for Christ. Having this information enables you to begin meeting with students right away.

After you’ve given your talk or presentation, explain that you would enjoy knowing what the students thought of your presentation. It’s always helpful to get feedback and improve your talk.

As you hand out the comment cards, wait until everyone has received a card and pencil. (Make sure to bring pencils). Then take the students through the comment card step by step. It is extremely important to get all the information on the card.

If you’re having a pre-evangelistic meeting, you will want to have another meeting (ex a pizza party ) to explain how they could have a personally relationship with God. Therefore have the students put an X at the top of the card to indicate if they’re coming back for the following day’s pizza party.

You will find that for different types of meetings, you will want different types of comments or information: