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I recently spoke with a friend who is an elder in his church. I asked him if he would know how to invite some of his non-Christian neighbors to an outreach. He paused and then responded, I think so. I asked a follow-up question. Why haven’t you done it? My rationale for asking the question was not to judge my friend, but to see what might be keeping him and others he might represent from living out our calling.

What is it that keeps him and others from doing what he knows he could and probably should do? His rationale for not doing it was not as much about having enough information, resources, or time. It was more about obedience, and as a mature believer, taking to heart the great commission, and doing what Jesus commanded the disciples. We all struggle with keeping the important things in their primary position. We all wish we could do something to make a difference for kids, but sometimes we just need some help to get going. That is why the Cru Coaching Center exists. We want to provide you the equipment, encouragement, and expertise you need to bring Christ to your school.

I ask you the same two questions:

  1. Do you know how to reach out to a group of middle or high school students that would eventually end up in either a one on one or small group setting where you could explain what it means to know Christ personally?
  2. What keeps you from doing that?

This is the greatest challenge most ministries face – taking new ground, launching into new pockets of students and escorting them into a redeeming relationship with God! So, if you were honest, could you do it? What resources do you need to get started? How can we help?


We have the incredible privilege of being the person God uses to change eternity for students around us. Go to God in prayer for wisdom, open doors and motivation. Go to school, both figuratively and physically. Learn as much as you can about the school/students you hope to reach so you can plan an outreach that could impact them for eternity. Lastly, go in faith!

If you need resources, encouragement or prayer, give one of our coaches a call and we can equip you in what you need to reach your school.

Scott Livermore

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Scott Livermore