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How in the World can I help? Where in the World should I go?

When I began to understand the Great Commission I understood that God was talking to me, not just the disciples standing in His presence as He was lifted heavenward, to be about His business.

“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. GO therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

It didn’t take long before I was able to apply my new understanding. That spring I attended what is now called Big Break. A weeklong conference and beach outreach that Campus Crusade created. All the students were supposed to have been trained how to share their faith to be able to attend and I had not. I remember learning how to use their evangelism tool, The Four Spiritual Laws, in the back of the bus on the way down to Florida.

Once we arrived, I got nervous as our group made arrangements to go out on the beach that afternoon. I was paired up with a friend and we went out. After a little while my friend said “now, it’s your turn”! What! I had to share my faith? He didn’t abandon me, but let me start the conversation, use the questionnaire and then share the booklet. The college student we wound up talking to was a huge football player – lineman from the University of Michigan. That didn’t settle my nerves at all!

Once I got started, the young man was very interested and hung right with me as I fumbled my way through. Shock of all shocks – he indicated that he needed Christ and wanted to respond with me in faith (in prayer). It was so exciting for me to be able to be used by God. God in His grace allowed me to bear fruit the very first time I shared my faith! We immediately found another U of M student and connected the two.

From there, God called me to have the Great Commission not only as a call to all believers, but also as a means to provide for my family. It has changed my life. I can’t imagine what I would have been like if God had not provided the money for me to go on that trip. I found out the joy of investing my life in others and responding to the call of God! I am often heard people asking. How in the world are you? I have a better question to ask you!

Where in the world should I go? God has called His children to share His passion for those who don’t know Him. He has called us all to pray and give, yes, but He has also called us all to go. If reaching lost teenagers is part of your calling, can I suggest a few options for you?

  1. This spring break is not too late to join a team headed to one of three countries on a Cru High School International Project but you will need to move quickly to meet the deadlines! If you need a bit more time you could join them on one of their summer trips.
  2. Volunteer with Cru High School at one of our Conferences.
  3. If you are an Education Major, you can combine the Getaway Conference with three days of preparation for your life as a Christian teacher. At the Education Majors Project (EMP), we will talk about what’s legal and give you practical, tactical tools for ministering to middle and high school students in that field. There will be 10 days on the beach and preparation for ministry in your chosen career.
  4. College students looking to see what opportunities are available working full time with Cru High School or volunteering with us after you graduate can hear more during the regional 100% Sent Conference. Video / AllCallings.com

I love being God’s servant. It is amazing that God would call me His ambassador. I get to represent my God and my King in all I do. I have had the privilege to share Christ with teenagers in seventeen states (and the District of Columbia), in eight countries on three continents. I even got sent to Siberia! It is an amazing life worthy of its high calling. So, where will you go?

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Scott Livermore