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What is your Vision?

  • After spending a significant amount of time in prayer and the Word, what needs of teenagers are most pressing on your heart?
  • What changes at the school do you want to trust God for as you reach out to students?
  • How would things be different if all the teenagers at the school would come to know Christ?
  • What do you want to see God do at your local school? How do you want the school to be different 2-4 years from now?

Prayer “…apart from Me you can do nothing” – John 15:5b

  • Who can you challenge to pray on behalf of the students in your community?
  • Who will pray with you and for you?
  • Is there any existing prayer groups that you can ask to pray for your ministry?

Your Personal Team

  • Who has ministry experience that can become your ministry coach? Local high school ministry leaders, local leaders of college ministry, and Coaching Center are some possibilities.
  • Who are the key Christian people who will encourage and join you in helping reach others?
  • Are there people that could help you discover who the key people are?
    • Teachers, Coaches and Administrators
    • Parents, Business Owners and other Community Leaders
    • Pastors, Youth Pastors and other Youth Organization Leaders
    • College and High School students

Choosing the Right People for Your Team

Decode the Campus – scout out your school

Become an expert on your school by going through the most recent yearbook with a couple of key Christian students and/or find a Christian teacher/coach to answer the following:

  • Who are the most popular teachers and coaches? Why?
  • Which teaches or coaches do you know who are Christian? Any Christian groups on campus?
  • Which students and groups appear often on the pages? Why?
  • What groups are the most influential on campus? Who are student leaders in the group?
  • Which groups socialize together? Which groups don’t?
  • Who are the most popular students? Which of these students are Christians?

Scout the Campus
Mapping/Decoding Your Campus

Start Meeting Students

Researching the campus helps you to learn about the different groups on campus. As a result you will be able to determine where to start. Get a school calendar and go to a few school activities. Take time and get to know the Christian students, teachers and Coaches. Learn how to effectively Explain Your Ministry to Students and Adults. Make a list of Christians you want to meet.

  • Who are the key student leaders and athletes you would like to meet? (Ask some students you know to introduce you to them.)
  • Which groups would you like to reach out to? Get your team together and plan an outreach for a specific group!

Plan now to attend a Cru Conference

Join other youth leaders and hundreds of students at a High School Ministry conference near you. These conferences can greatly accelerate your local ministry by challenging you and your students to reach your school for Christ. Check out Conferences for more information.

Remember: Get a Youth Ministry Coach and Register with us!

Call us at 1-877-Go Campus or Apply online to get a Coach. To use the name Cru or Campus Crusade for Christ you will need to sign-up and be accepted.