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Before he came to Christ, Allen was involved in a lot of the wrong things. The oldest of four children – and not all with the same dad – Allen has lived in various situations, including living with his biological father from whom he was taken away. When Allen’s mother regained custody of Allen, his grandparents took him to their church, along with his mom and stepdad.
Through the influence of Allen’s grandparents and the church, Allen put his faith in Christ and was baptized. Because the church has no youth group, a Cru staff member who attends the same church helped Allen get involved in Cru at South High School in Omaha. Last winter, Allen joined the group to participate in the FastBreak conference held in Minneapolis.
While at FastBreak, Allen’s life was completely changed when he heard a speaker who leads a youth ministry in a nation where it is illegal to share the gospel with anyone. This leader is very courageous, shares his faith in spite of the danger, and his youth are following his lead and sharing their faith as well. This really spoke to Allen; he commented about how we are often hesitant to share our faith here in America, but those students are so bold even in the face of life-threatening obstacles.
Christ is now the chief focus of Allen’s life, and he has become a leader with Cru at his school. Allen shares his faith often – even when ridiculed for it – and frequently asks the church to pray for his peers to whom he is witnessing. Allen was instrumental in bringing his younger brother to faith as well. Allen knows that his peers and family need what he has found!