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At Fishers High School in Indianapolis, Indiana, 210 students poured into the cafeteria for a great evening of crazy games and real talk at a Cru event called “The Amazing Date.” The Cru student leaders jumped into action. They invited well, loved on new students and led hilarious games. Even the setting up and tearing down of the cafeteria tables and chairs went so smoothly because the student leaders owned their roles vigorously.

During the event, Jared, a high school junior, shared how God has worked in his life over the past few years and was so authentic. New students continue to talk about the impact the event had on them.

Mark Michal, staff member with Cru Indianapolis, did his part that evening by sharing the gospel. He stood up and talked about how there is a God-shaped hole in all of us that we continually try to fill with other things. Whether that hole is a boyfriend or girlfriend, grades, sports, entertainment, money, or parties, none of those are designed to fill the hole. They will never satisfy us and will always leave us wanting something more. The hole is God-shaped, and only God can fill it.

It was exciting to see more than 25 people write on their comment cards that they either prayed to receive Christ, or wanted to get together to talk more about this. The Cru team members have been shuffling around schedules to fit in all of the students who wanted to meet after school to talk more about God. It’s very exciting to hear their sincere questions and genuine interest in how they can know God personally. Please pray for these precious students as God walks them through the first steps of knowing Him.

Need more information on how to reach out to students at your school? Contact your local Cru leader or call the Cru Coaching Center at 877-462-2678.