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Through our Cru Spring Missions, we’ve seen God move in many ways to open doors and open hearts that lives may be saved. An example of this is how Josh (pictured above, far right) from Orlando, FL saw God at work through the Mission in Quito, Ecuador. Over the course of his week in Quito, Josh–a sophomore in high school–had the opportunity to lead 69 students to faith!

One day as he was sharing his story about friendships and ultimately having a relationship with Jesus, the students in Josh’s small group were deeply moved as Josh recounts:

“By the time I finished sharing my testimony one girl right across from me was crying… She said that her friends weren’t nice to her and often teased her, but she saw hope through me by having a relationship with Jesus Christ. She explained that she wanted Him to be her new best friend.”

Josh goes on to explain that the other students in his small group all began to whisper to each other. Unsure of what was going on, Josh asked the interpreter what was happening. But the interpreter also started to cry. Once he stopped crying, the interpreter explained that all the students in the group wanted to accept Jesus into their lives as their Lord, Savior, and best friend.

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