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Enter Clay, a sophomore guy at Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego, California. He got involved with Cru through Shawn, a staff guy, who began a small group with Clay and some of his friends. Then Clay went to a monthly Cru Big Monday event. When his mom picked him up, she asked Shawn if Cru has any small groups for freshman girls.
Enter Jackie, Clay’s freshman sister. Desiree, a staff woman, met Jackie the first week she attended the small group. A few weeks later, Desiree and Jackie discussed how everyone is seriously messed up and can only know God through accepting Jesus into our lives. Jackie attended the next monthly Big Monday event and that day marked “yes” that she prayed to receive Christ.
Enter Maddie and Lauren, sophomore friends of Clay and Jackie. At a later Big Monday meeting, both marked on comment cards that they wanted to talk further with a staff member. So Desiree met with Maddie and Lauren at a local burger place, and around their fries and shakes, they discussed the ”Soularium” photo cards that help talk about life, family and spirituality. Both girls had a desire to know God, but weren’t sure about
 how to go about doing it. Desiree began to share a gospel booklet, but they had to leave before completing it.
A month later, both Maddie and Lauren showed up at Big Monday again. That night, Lauren indicated that she asked Jesus into her life. Four days later at a Cru Girls’ Night Out, Jackie, Lauren and Maddie 
all attended and also brought their friends, Hailey and Danielle. That night, Maddie, Hailey and Danielle each indicated they had asked Jesus into their lives!
It’s an amazing story of human dominoes and an example of how each life affects another.