Simple Multiplication in Dallas
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Cru envisions a day when every teenager will have the opportunity to know and follow Christ. This vision can be accomplished through simple multiplication—when God uses one life to impact two lives with the gospel—that then impact four lives—that then impact eight lives and so on until thousands of lives have been transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.

Cru Dallas has seen God use this multiplication process to consistently change lives for over 30 years. A recent look at the ministry shows God using just a handful of young ladies for big change at Newman Smith High School.

In 2006, high school senior Sash began to disciple Rani. As she grew in her faith, Rani began to disciple Hanna in 2008. Hanna so grew in her faith that in 2009 both she and Rani went on a Cru Global Mission to Hungary. When they got back, Hanna began to disciple Maddie, her younger sister.

Maddie was going through a rebellious time. But in a matter of months, God dramatically changed her, and she desired others to know Christ as she did. Then at a Cru conference in January 2010, Maddie saw God fulfill this desire as she introduced her friend Kathryn to Jesus.

Today, God continues to grow the chain. In 2008, Sasha discipled another young lady, Jenna. God placed in Jenna a burden to reach her school, and in September 2010, she led a freshman volleyball team outreach. Of the 15 girls who attended, two gave their lives to Christ, and all expressed an interest in a weekly Bible study led by Jenna.

In a short period of time, these young ladies have seen 50 other girls come to know Christ, and they have seen God accomplish all this through them.