Below are more details about Cru’s High School Ministry part-time and full-time staff opportunities that are available.

Part-Time Field Staff

You can work directly with students in a local Cru ministry in a part-time role, which is especially great for college students or recent college graduates who want to try out the ministry.

The role of a “Part-Time Field Staff (PTFS)” includes working with students and in evangelism and discipleship activities on a part-time basis (i.e., 10-29 hours a week) for an indefinite period of time. This role is not for people interested in an office position.

Salary and ministry expenses for the Part-Time Field Staff position are covered through funds raised by the individual. Because this position is part-time, medical/dental benefits are not provided.

How To Apply


Get your feet wet with full-time ministry as a Cru intern. Our internships last one year (two years maximum), and you can work directly with students in a local ministry or work in a role at our National Office in Orlando, Florida. In some cases, an internship can allow a person to work in a combination role with some direct field ministry and some administrative work at our National Office or at a field ministry location.

Salary, ministry expenses and medical/dental benefits for the Intern position are covered through funds raised by the individual.

How To Apply


STINT is a one-to-two-year “Short-Term International Internship” offered in places like Hungary, Russia and East Asia. These are especially great opportunities for college students, recent graduates or those who are mid-career to take one or two years off to serve internationally in ministry.

Many high school students around the world don’t have an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel. You could be part of a team to help start or accelerate a movement to high school students in another country while also growing in your own faith.

Be sure to indicate interest in a STINT with Cru’s high school ministry when applying. The deadline for submitting completed applications is March 1.

Application Requirements:

  • Fully completed online application
  • Biographical material
  • Completed elaboration forms and questionnaires
  • Completed signature page
  • Four reference forms completed by people you indicated to ask for references, including a Cru staff member, Current disciple or Bible study leader, Roommate, and Friend who knows you well
  • Completed Background Check Form
  • Payment of Application Fee

How To Apply

Full-Time Staff Member

Full-time staff members with Cru work directly with students, parents and community leaders in a campus-based environment as well as in a variety of office settings and leadership positions. The aim for all our staff members is to establish relationships with students at high schools and junior high campuses, introduce students to Christ, and build them to follow God for a lifetime.

Our staff members receive training and experience real-life ministry to teenagers in field teams located around the country as well as at the national office located in Orlando, Florida.

Cru full-time staff positions are those where individuals raise financial support to cover salary, ministry expenses and medical/dental benefits.

Each year, New Staff Trainings are held in January/February and in June/July for 5-6 weeks. The application deadlines are November 1 for the Winter training and April 1 for the Summer training.

Application Process

  • Complete and submit online application. (see link below)
  • Complete any additional application materials if requested.
  • Complete a staff interview that will be scheduled during the application process.
  • You will be called for a phone interview to follow up on information received in both your initial interview and application.
  • Once approved, you will receive a Pre-Acceptance decision within 3-6 weeks from the date we received your completed application materials (including all completed references, elaboration form and interview forms).
  • If you receive a Pre-Acceptance, a Background Check will be performed.
  • Upon completion of the Background Check, you will receive a Final Acceptance decision.
  • We will send information on New Staff Training, Ministry Partner Development, and your staff account number.
  • Attend New Staff Training, then begin raising support.


How To Apply