Impact students today … the world tomorrow!

The Educator’s Summer Mission is designed to help college students studying education learn how to use a future position as a teacher to impact students for Christ. We’ll introduce you to Cru’s high school ministry, and connect you with great resources.

Through three days of workshops, mission participants learn what is possible, what is legal, and what is realistic for ministry as a teacher. College students are equipped to engage with high school students effectively and are given opportunities while helping staff the Cru Getaway summer conference to disciple a small group of high school students and facilitate ministry training with teenagers.

Location: TBD

Dates: Coming 2020

Who: For current and future educators

Cost: TBD

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Comments from Recent EMP Students

What were some of the most meaningful parts of the mission for you?

“Learning about the legality of using our faith as students/teachers, [and] meeting as a [mission] to hang/pray/worship.”
Ryan, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

“Working directly with students during wrap groups, table times, and outreach times so I know how to better interact with high school students as a teacher. The [Getaway] speakers were really good and helped me with my own life.”
Alex, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“The personal growth from the [Getaway] speakers and others. The late night chat rooms with [high school] girls.”
Natasha, Keene State College

“I really liked the teacher panel. It was encouraging to hear stories of people who were in the schools and working with students.”
Laura, University of Pennsylvania

What did you learn during the mission?

“Teaching about the Equal Access Act gave me more insight about the legal freedom that I have at public schools to spread my faith with students.”
Alex, University of Central Florida

“What did I learn during the [mission]? So much! I learned what movement building in high school looks like. I learned about legal and spiritual ministry in public schools. I learned about Cru, how it operates, and what it’s looked like practically in the United States. I gleaned insight from the wisdom and experience of those who have worked in education and sought to bring His kingdom with their vocation.”
Sonia, University of Southern California

“I think I just realized that I can honestly have a ministry wherever I am. I knew that but it has really been sinking in that I need to stop trying to wait on the Lord’s ‘plan’ and just live my life where I am and stop worrying what the next step is.”
Autumn, Ball State University

What are your action points as you leave the mission?

“[To pray and look] into helping more with my youth group. To focus on evangelism in everyday circumstances, [and] see if teaching is where God wants me or if it’s [full-time] ministry.”
Camille, Western Oregon University

“I would like to try to get involved with a small group of students to do a Bible study. I would like to work with young students through church to practice for my future teacher role.”
Emily, Keene State College