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Consider Going International!

One of the most strategic and faith-stretching steps you can take with a student you are discipling is to send them, or go with them, on an international mission project with Cru High School.  We offer several missions each year in Spring and Summer where qualified high school & college students can take one to four weeks to spend overseas in a variety of locations.

Here are just a few of the tremendous benefits to going international with Cru High School:

  • You have numerous opportunities to share your faith
  • You are challenged with the opportunity to trust God for the funds necessary to participate
  • American teenagers have a tremendous platform in most countries around the world and will have many doors open to them for sharing Christ
  • Students who participate receive tremendous training in ministry skills and most see tremendous growth in their own personal relationship with Christ
  • Project members get to rub shoulders with other Cru High School staff and students from around the country and gain tremendous insight from this interaction

To find out more information about Cru High School International Missions please go to www.cruhighschool.com/go-global/